Scottish Artists’ Benevolent Fund, December 1903: “A Masque of the City Arms”, by Glasgow School of Art Students

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 11th of December, 1903, reads:



Instead of the ordinary Christmas ball,  the students

of the Glasgow School of Art have arranged, with the

permission of the chairman and Governors, to produce

a masque, with the object of raising funds for the above

benevolent association. ‘A Masque of the City Arms’ has

been the title chosen, and the production will consist of

a series of tableaux picturing the legends of the arms of

the City of Glasgow, such as- ‘The preaching of St Mungo,’

‘The gift of the ring,’ ‘The loss of the ring,’ ‘The wanderings

of the ring,’ ‘The finding of the ring,’ ‘The death of the saint,’

‘The arms of Glasgow.’ There will be a book of the masque,

and the scenes referred to will be preceded by a prologue. As

far as possible the dresses and appointments will be of that

period earliest in the history of the city, and the principal

parts will be taken by actors chosen from among the students.

About 120 students will be engaged. It is further proposed that

the production will be preceded by a pageant of the performers.

This form of entertainment seems very appropriate for students

of a School of Art to deal with, and it is to be hoped that the

funds of so deserving a society as is the Scottish Artists’

Benevolent Fund will be largely benefited.”