Stuart Park (1862-1933): Exhibitions in Glasgow

Stuart Park, Orchids, oil on canvas, reproduced courtesy of Glasgow Museums.



In Scottish Painting: 1837 To The Present, on page 102 in the 2010 edition, William Hardie commented:


“Park was a genuinely individual colourist and developed a swift and sure painterly dexterity which can pall;

but his flower paintings, which were sold in a popular one-man exhibition held every February in the McLellan

Galleries and also abroad, preferably in their opulent Italian carved giltwood or feigned-oval ebonized frames,

can be wonderfully decorative. Each flower petal is formed by a single stroke, often with striking contrasts of

dark flowers against a light background or vice versa.”


Of course, Park’s paintings were exhibited and sold in several other venues in Glasgow, including the

Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts. Please see the entries for some of these.