The Artists’ Fancy Dress Ball, St. Andrew’s Halls, Glasgow, December 1896

From page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 18th of November, 1896:


“THE ARTISTS’ FANCY DRESS BALL. – The arrangements for the Fancy Dress Ball, to be held in St Andrew’s Halls on 4th December in aid of the Scottish Artists’ Benevolent Fund, are now virtually completed. The interest already evinced by the public in the event is such that success is practically assured. Sir George Reid, P. R. S. A., and other leading Edinburgh artists, are taking warm interest in the forthcoming ball, and a large party of ladies and gentlemen have already intimated their intention to attend. For their convenience a special train will be run from Glasgow to Edinburgh at an early hour on the morning of 5th December. It may be mentioned that a number of our leading citizens have privately subscribed towards a fund for meeting the expenses of the ball, and the hope is entertained that the entire proceeds may thus go towards the Benevolent Fund. This generous movement on the part of laymen has been supplemented with equal spontaneity by many of the leading artists of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and other Scottish centres, and also by our art countrymen now resident in London, who have contributed sketches or finished pictures which will be disposed of by ballot after the ball, a uniform subscription being arranged. Contributions of this nature have also been made by distinguished London artists of Scottish birth. Madame Ronner, whose delineations of cat life are well known in Glasgow, is resident in Paris, and has kindly assisted the scheme in the way indicated. Other contributors are Phil May, A. Ludovici, John Hassall, John White, Mark Fisher, H. Muhrman, H. S. Tuke, Professor Herkomer, Professor James D. Linton, Sir F. Seymour Haden, and William Stott.”