The Golden Age of Glasgow’s Art Trade: April and May, 1917 – The Ramsey Art Collection – Sale at J. and R. Edmiston, West Nile Street

An article on page seven of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 26th of April, 1917, reads:




The valuable collection of pictures which belonged to the late Mr Robert Ramsey (ex-Deacon-Convenor

of the Trades House of Glasgow) will be put up for sale by auction to-day in the rooms of Messrs J. and

R. Edmiston, 7 West Nile Street, Glasgow. The works to be exposed to-day include a very fine example of

Matthew Maris (‘Girl with Goats’) and some notable paintings by William McTaggart, Hugh Cameron,

Josef Israels, Sam Bough, James Docharty, and Menzler. The dispersal of the collection has aroused much

interest among art connoisseurs. The sale, which is the most important held for some years in Glasgow,

will be continued next Thursday.”



A large advertisement, which includes the names of the artists represented in the “FIRST SALE”, is on page

eleven of the Herald, on Monday the 23rd of April. The “profusely illustrated” catalogue cost one shilling.

Ramsey’s residence was 14 Park Terrace.


On the same page, is the advertisement for the “SECOND SALE” which was scheduled for Thursday the 3rd

of May.




George Fairfull-Smith, October 2022.