The Golden Age of Glasgow’s Art Trade: October 1916 – Death of Mr Richard Edmiston, Senior, at Ibrox House

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 3rd of October, 1916, reads:




The death of Mr Richard Edmiston, sen., of Messrs J. and R. Edmiston, auctioneers, which we

regret to announce took place yesterday at his residence, Ibrox House, removes a familiar and

respected member of the business community of Glasgow. Mr Edmiston, who was in his eighty-

sixth year, became ill a fortnight ago, and gradually sinking passed peacefully away. He was the

doyen of local auctioneers, and attained his sixtieth anniversary in the trade last month. Mr

Edmiston was born in Paisley in 1831, and his business life was passed in Glasgow, where he

settled in 1845. He started his career in the office of Messrs Manford and Wink, accountants,

with whom he remained as cashier for ten years. On leaving their service he, along with his

brother John, who died some years ago, set up business as auctioneers. The original premises

of the firm were in Buchanan Street, afterwards in Gordon Street, then at 41 West Nile Street,

and ultimately at No. 7 in the same street, where the business is now carried on. From the

beginning prosperity attended the enterprise of the brothers, who speedily gained a large

clientele, and in the course of years the firm reached a high position, which has been maintained

under the direction of the late Mr Edmiston and his sons. He was widely known in business and

social circles, and friends who recognised his capacity frequently urged him to enter public life.

His ambitions did not lie in that direction, and while the most sociable of men he was reticent of

publicity, and rather shy of associating himself with any position that might lead him into prominence.

He possessed a singularly genial temperament and a rich vein of humour, was welcomed in many

social circles, and easily made many friends whose warm regard he retained. Mr Edmiston,

always wrapped up in his business, in which his strong and happy personality was a valuable

asset, devoted much of his leisure to bowling. He was passionately fond of the game, and was

one of the most popular members of the Bellahouston Club, of which he was twice president.

Notwithstanding his great age, Mr Edmiston continued assiduous in business, and though for

many years he had forsaken the rostrum, he was constant in attendance at his office in ‘The Mart.’

The firm has executed many important commissions, including the Red Cross sale, which occupied

a fortnight. Mr Edmiston is survived by a grown-up family. One of his sons, Mr Richard Edmiston,

who is now head of the extensive business, and in whose hands the traditions of the firm are

worthily maintained, is one of the most popular and capable men in the trade. He has been especially

associated with the notable picture and book sales which have been held in ‘The Mart.'”




The notice of his death is on the front page of the same issue of the Herald.




George Fairfull-Smith, March 2022.