The St. George’s Art School, 147 St. George’s Road, Glasgow, Managed by Mr. Robert Brydall, September 1881

From page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 16th of September, 1881:


“THE ST GEORGE’S ART SCHOOL.- To the existing private educational establishments in Glasgow there is now added an academy for the study of drawing and painting, under the management of Mr Robert Brydall. The St George’s Art School is laid down on somewhat similar lines to Mr Calderon’s St John’s Wood School, which has been so eminently successful in London, but takes up a wider range of study more suitable to a mixed population. This school is unconnected with the Government at South Kensington, and, in consequence, is not intended to interfere with the education of our artisans in the Government school, which has been recently brought more into accordance with this intention, and for which it is specially adapted and supported by Government grants and local endowments.”


There is an advertisement for the School, which was located at 147 St. George’s Road, on page six of the same edition of the Herald.