The Templeton Art Club Exhibition, Glasgow, November 1923

On page nine of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 28th of November 1923, readers were informed that:


“A small but very successful exhibition of art has just been held in the eastern district of Glasgow. It was organised by the Templeton Art Club, the membership of which is confined to the employees of Messrs James Templeton and Co., carpet manufacturers, William Street. This is now the eighth year in succession that a show of this kind has been held by the club, the aim of which is to foster an appreciation of the fine arts among the firm’s workers and also the people of the district. A good deal of success has attended these annual displays, and the exhibition which has just been closed was visited by a large number of people. The greater part of the exhibits consisted of water-colour drawings, but there was also a number of oil paintings and several works in pastel. The crafts section included embroidery, lace work, painting on silk, marquetry, and the model of a locomotive. A high standard of excellence was reached in many of the exhibits.”