The Western Infirmary Extension, Meeting at Fairfield Shipyard, March 1903

On page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 9th of March 1903, is the following:


“WESTERN INFIRMARY EXTENSION. – MEETING AT FAIRFIELD. – A meeting of Fairfield shipyard employees was held at noon on Saturday to consider a recommendation by the Accident Fund Committee to levy a contribution from the men to assist in the erection of a new wing at the Western Infirmary. There was a large attendance, and Mr. Frank Gracie occupied the chair.”


The article includes the names of some of the others who were present, and how the Western Infirmary badly needed additional space “to accommodate the patients that applied to them for admission.” It was proposed that the men would make a contribution of nine pence in the first class; six pence in the second class; and three pence in the third class. The deduction was to be spread over three parts.


It was reported that the Infirmary’s wards were all occupied on the day of the meeting, and 350 individuals were waiting to be admitted. Of great interest was the fact that the Fairfield Company’s directors had voted to donate £500 towards the erection of the proposed new wing. The drawing office and higher officials also were planning to make a contribution.