When Govan was likened to Stratford-upon-Avon


‘View of Govan from the East’,  drawn by Andrew Donaldson, and engraved by Joseph Swan for Select Views on the River Clyde.

“This very pretty little village stands on the Clyde, about two miles below Glasgow. … Govan has been often likened, by strangers from the south, to Stratford upon Avon, the birth-place of the immortal Shakespeare; and the resemblance has been greatly increased since the erection of the new church: the tower and spire presenting an exact copy of that of the Cathedral at Stratford. The Public are indebted for this beautiful structure, to James Smith, Esq., of Jordanhill, a gentleman, whose taste and genius, particularly in Architecture, are generally known. The Church, Manse, and several of the white houses of the village, are seen peeping at intervals from among the fine old trees which adorn the burying ground and its neighboourhood; and their quiet beauty presents a fine contrast to the lively and bustling picture, which the river constantly exhibits.”

The text is by John M. Leighton.