Who Subscribed to Joseph Swan’s Publications?

It is fortunate that Joseph Swan advertised in such a way, that so much information is available. He also produced prospectuses for the different series of views he engraved, such as Glasgow, the River Clyde and the Lakes of Scotland. In addition, there are printed lists of subscribers, some of which are bound with the complete set of views. Examples of these can be seen in volumes in the Special Collections Department, at Glasgow University Library.


For example, David Murray’s copy of the Select Views of Glasgow (Mu23-a.26) includes a four-page List of Subscribers. The majority of names are detailed in two columns on each page. Those considered to be among the more distinguished patrons are placed at the head of the first page, and include Her Grace the Duchess of Montrose; The Right Hon. Earl Cathcart, Cathcart Castle; The Right Hon. Earl Belhaven and Stenton, Wishaw House; Sir John Sinclair Bart. of Ulbster; and the Hon. William Hamilton, Lord Provost of Glasgow. The remaining names on the front page, in smaller print than the aforementioned, amount to more than 70 individuals, some of whom are mentioned elsewhere on this website.


These include: John Alston, Esq.; John Anderson Esq., Dumfries; Archibald Bogle, Esq., Gilmore Hill; George Burn, Esq., of Keppoch; John Brown, Esq., Auchlochan; James Cleland, Esq., Super. of Public Works, 4 copies; Alex. Campbell, Esq., Sheriff-Dep. Paisley; Colin Campbell, Esq., of Possil; Mungo N. Campbell, Esq., of St. Catherine’s; James Curll, Esq., William Campbell, Esq., Partick Villa; and J. Carss, Esq.


The remaining pages have over 270 names, including: Mrs. Crooks, George Street; Glasgow Chronicle Office; Professor Davidson; John Douglas, Esq., of Barloch; Robert Dalglish, Esq.; C. Dunlop, Esq., Clyde Iron Works, 2 copies; James Ewing, Esq., of Dunoon Castle; Thomas Edington, Esq., Phoenix Iron Works; Robert Farquharson, Esq., Provost, Paisley; William Finlay, Esq., of Trees; Fleming & Kerr, Stationers, 2 copies; Robert Foote, Esq.,; Alexander Garden, Esq.,; Richard Griffin, Esq., Bookseller, Glasgow; John Gordon, Esq., of Aitkenhead; Dr. W. J. Hooker; John Hamilton, Esq., North Park; Charles Hutcheson, Esq.,; Samuel Hunter. ESq., Herald Office; Henry Houldsworth, Esq., of Cranston Hill; Joseph Hooker, Sen., Esq.; Archibald Hamilton, Esq., of N. Woodside; D. Hamilton, Esq., Architect; Professor George Jardine; Professor James Jeffray; James Laurie, Esq., Laurieston; Henry Monteith, Esq., of Carstairs; Thomas Muir, Esq., Muir Park; William T. Nimmo, Esq., Royal Bank; James Neilson, Esq.; George McIntosh, Esq., Cross Basket; D. V. McMurdo, Esq., Custom House; Archibald McLellan, Esq.; John McGavin, Esq. ;James McClure, Esq.; James Oswald, Esq., of Shield-hall; Patrick Playfair. Esq., of Dalmarnock; Morris Pollok, Esq., Govan Factory; John Pollock, Esq., Edinburgh; James Playfair, Esq.; Miss Pollock, St. Vincent Street; W. R. Robinson, Esq., of Ruchill, Sheriff Depute; James Reddie, Esq., Advocate; George Richmond, Esq., Royal Bank; Professor D. K. Sandford; Robert Scott, Esq., Banker, Dumbreck Hill; James Smith, Esq., of Jordan Hill; James Steward, Esq., of Williamwood; C. Stirling, Jun. Esq., of Kippendavie; Archibald Smith; John Smith, Esq.; William Smith, Esq., of Meadowside; John Spreull, Esq., City Chamberlain; David Stow, Esq.; Charles Stuart, Esq., Ingram Street; Sinclair & Gibson, 3 copies; Nathaniel Stevenson, Esq., of Braidwood; Dr. Thomas Thomson; Glasgow College; Robert Thomson, Junr. Esq. Camphill; John Thomson, Esq., Camphill; C. J. Tennent [sic], Esq., St. Rollocks [sic]; Robert Thomson, Esq., Town Clerk; William Thomas, Esq., London; Professor Josiah Walker; Robert Watson, Esq., Banker, Lint House; William Whitehead, Esq., Saddleworth; James Watson, Esq., Advocate, Edinburgh; James Watson, Esq., Surgeon; James Watt. Esq.; John Weir,, Esq., Architect; Dr. William Young; Frederick Zoller, Esq.; and Robert Zuill, Esq.