William Buchanan’s Obituary in ‘The Art Journal’, 1864

William Buchanan died in January 1864. He had been staying with his brother Thomas, whose house was located at 3 Jane Street, Blythswood Square, Glasgow. The street is now the continuation of West George Street across the Square.


Among the obituaries is one published in The Art Journal,  pages 131-2. It includes:


“In the year 1824, Mr. Buchanan published his ‘Memoirs of Painting,’ which had a ready sale, and has been always considered by vertuosi a classical handbook of Art. For several years he was engaged in collecting materials for bringing down this work to the present time, but the unfortunate failure of his eyesight interrupted the progress of his labour, and the volume remains in an unfinished state. He expired at Glasgow on the 19th of January, cherishing the recollection of his favourite pursuit to the last.”