An Editorial Diary, August 1945: “Senior Service” – Parry Gunn and the Pageant at Garscube

On Wednesday the 1st of August, 1945, an entry in The Glasgow Herald’s ‘An Editorial Diary’, on page four of the paper, reads:


Senior Service


Parry Gunn, whose death was recorded on Monday, used to tell a story of the pageant at Garscube. The late Duke of

Hamilton, who had been a celebrated sailor in his day, was given an armchair in the producer’s box. A captain of the

Royal Corps of Signals, who was in charge of communications, instructed the Highland chief by telephone to be ready

to march with his men in one minute. When the reply came back that the chief could not be ready in that time the long-

suffering soldier gave vent to his passion in a volley of abuse, and then turned and apologised to his guest.


Oh, don’t mind me,’ said the Duke.

My only criticism is that your vocabulary has its limitations.’ “