April 1930: New Dramatic Organisation in Glasgow

An article on page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 14th of April, 1930, reads:




Steps were taken at a meeting held yesterday in the Glasgow headquarters of the British Broadcasting

Corporation to form a dramatic section of an organisation bearing the title of the Faculty of Arts, with

the object of providing a society, within which those who are engaged professionally in play-writing,

acting, or producing in the city can meet and discuss their common problems. Music, painting, drama,

and verse-speaking come within the scope of the Faculty of Arts, which is centralised in London, and

musical and verse-speaking sections have already been formed in Scotland. The sections are purely

professional, but it is contemplated in time to have lay members, who will be admitted to open

meetings of the sections. The professional members of any one section will be automatically lay

members of all the other sections.




Mr D. Cleghorn Thomson, who presided at the meeting in Glasgow yesterday, explained that Scotland

had been granted autonomy as regards the organisation of sections of the Faculty. Mr Robins Millar,

in pointing out the advantages of the organisation, said that at the least it would be enjoyable for artists

to have some opportunity of getting together. The function of the section appealed to him as a kind of

artistic Rotarianism. He suggested that the section should meet monthly to hear papers, discuss a play,

or perhaps invite some distinguished actor or producer to speak.


After considerable discussion a committee was formed, with Mr Robins Millar as convenor.”



George Fairfull-Smith, December 2022.