At the Play, March 1936: Fashion Aboard a Liner – “Anything Goes”, at the Alhambra Theatre

On Tuesday the 24th of March, 1936, the magnificent Cunard White Star liner, the Queen Mary, left Clydebank, to

head for the open sea.  The previous day, readers of The Glasgow Herald were provided with two charts showing the

route, on page four. It was a major event which attracted attention both locally, and internationally.


It also was referred to in the’ Women’s Topics’ section of the Herald, on page six, on the 24th.  Under the heading:

“AT THE PLAY: Fashion Aboard a Liner,” ‘J. R. B’ commented:


“It is most appropriate that our theatre dress notes to-day should deal with ensembles worn aboard a modern

luxury liner. Interest in the Queen Mary has reached such a pitch that we have all become somewhat involved

in the subject of ships and their passengers. So that the musical comedy ‘Anything Goes,’ which opened on its

second week at the Alhambra Theatre, Glasgow, last night, is of particular topical import.”


‘J. R. B’ proceeds to discuss the costumes worn by the chorus, as well as by Miss Diana Ward and Miss Jean