December 1869: Review in the (Glasgow) ‘Evening Citizen’, of “Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper” at Hengler’s Cirque, West Nile Street

An article on page three of the Evening Citizen, on Friday the 17th of December, 1869, reads:




The season of pantomime, and Christmas and New-Year Festivity, was inaugurated last night

with triumphant success in the Circus Varieté [sic], West Nile-street. The occasion was the benefit

of the graceful young equestrienne Jenny Louise Hengler, when the fairy tale of ‘Cinderella, or the

Little Glass Slipper,’ so charming to the youthful mind, was produced before a bumper audience, in

a style of artistic taste and princely splendour worthy of the palmiest days of theatrical pantomime.

Cinderella, kept as a drudge by her sisters, who walk about in silk attire, is discovered in homely garb

in the performance of menial offices. She is anxious to accompany her sisters to a great forthcoming

ball; but she lacks apparel and the means of transit. These, her friend, the Witch of the story,

undertakes to furnish, and, accordingly, they are forthwith provided. Of a sudden she finds

herself draped like a lady of quality; and immediately there enters the arena a magnificent

little state carriage, drawn by four beautiful ponies, driven by a tiny coachman, with two

dwarf breeched and powdered lackeys hanging on behind. Into this splendid equipage she vaults

with the air of a princess, and is driven off to the ball. Meanwhile the arena, with an alacrity truly

magical, is transformed into a palatial drawing-room, carpeted and upholsteried [sic] all round with

handsome little couches and statuary, and having a throne at one of the sides, which by-and-by

the Prince, heralded in royal fashion, ascends. Then enter the guests invited to the ball, about

30 or 40 children, all equipped like ladies and gentlemen of a former courtly age – each

gentleman having his lady on his arm – who, after bowing to the Prince, take their seats on the

couches. Cinderella now appears, and the Prince, descending to meet her, leads her to the throne

with a really royal air. The orchestra then perform their allotted part, and a set or two of

quadrilles, led by the Prince and Cinderella, are gone through in the most courtly style, amidst

the acclaim of the admiring auditory. The whole getting-up of the spectacular entertainment is

creditable in the extreme to the skill and enterprise of the management; and cannot fail to bring

Mr. Hengler golden opinions during the currency of the performance.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, May 2022.