December 1910: Art Festival at the School of Art – Proceeds to the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

An article on page six of the Daily Record and Mail (Daily Record, in The British Newspaper Archive), on

Saturday the 24th of December, 1910, reads:




It is not only a feeling for line, form, and colour that is being developed among the students of the Glasgow

School of Art. By the occasional pageants which they hold a complete knowledge of the history of costume

and of bye-gone manners is being gradually disseminated.


Last night a large gathering in the School were given an insight into the songs, madrigals, and dances of other

centuries, the chief contribution being the sketch of the Principal, Mr. Fra H. Newbery, entitled ‘Christmas Eve:

A Memory,’ and embodying the ancient folk play of ‘St. George and the Dragon.’ The students, rigged out in the

costumes of the time, entered with merry spirit into the rough and tumble of the mummers.


Taught and exercised by Mr. J. Percy Robb, the singers provided many old time glees in pleasing fashion, while

both the Morris and Pavane dances were gracefully carried through.


Credit for the excellence of the costumes and setting was due to Mr. Allan D. Mainds, Mr. Graham Price

stage-managed and produced, and Mr. Edward Joachim arranged or composed the music. It is intended

to devote the proceeds to the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



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George Fairfull-Smith, February 2024.