February 1894: Death of Mr Henry Talbot (1832-94)

An article on page six of the The Dundee Courier and Argus (Dundee Courier, in The British Newspaper Archive),

on Wednesday the 21st of February, 1894, reads:




The announcement of the death of Mr Henry Talbot, which took place on Monday, will be received with a widespread

feeling of surprise and regret. For more than a generation Mr Talbot was favourably known to playgoers, not only at

home, but throughout the British colonies, and in recent years he has been resident in Glasgow and intimately associated

in the capacity of teacher of elocution with the Athenaeum. Although for some time his health had been declining, and it

was known that he suffered from an affection of the heart, his condition had lately somewhat improved. On Sunday,

however, his ailment suddenly assumed an acute form, and on Monday afternoon he passed peacefully away at his residence

at Partick. Mr Talbot had a unique career. He was the son of the late Mr Frederick Calvert, teacher of elocution in Edinburgh,

and was born in Aberdeen in 1832. His early life was passed in the northern city, but as a youth he entered as an apprentice in

the office of Mr Rhind, architect, Edinburgh, and subsequently went to London to enlarge his experience. Upwards of 30 years

ago the young architect relinquished the splendid prospects which were opening up to him in his profession for the uncertain

glories of a histrionic career. In this step he was encouraged by his father, and an engagement having been procured at the

theatre in Aberdeen, the young man rose almost at once into a leading position as a ‘legitimate’ actor. For a great many years Mr

Talbot toured as a ‘star’ and few of his contemporaries had a better claim to the distinction. When the stock companies disappeared

from the provincial theatres Mr Talbot found the sphere open to him greatly curtailed, and despite his gifts and attainments he

came less prominently before the public. A few months ago he took formal leave of the stage in a series of performances given at the

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, when he played, with scarcely diminished ability, a round of the characters in which for many years he

held the admiration of a large section of the play-going public. Some time ago there appeared in the columns of the Weekly News

a sketch of Mr Talbot’s career.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, February 2024.