February 1907: “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Athenaeum – Performance by the Department of Elocution and Dramatic Art

A review of the performance is on page twelve of The Glasgow Herald, under the heading “GENERAL SCOTTISH NEWS.”, on

Friday the 1st of March, 1907, and reads:





The department of elocution and dramatic art of the Glasgow Athenaeum School of Music gave a

production last night of Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in the Athenaeum. There was

a large audience. The delightful comedy got an excellent representation from an earnest and

intelligent group of artistes. The principal parts were especially well filled, and none of the pretty wit

of the play was lost. The dresses were pretty, and the scenery most effective. A considerable amount

of the interest attached to the performance of the fairy dances and fanciful instrumental pictures

provided by Mendelssohn for the comedy. The orchestra, under the baton of Mr H. Verbrugghen,

proved itself thoroughly efficient, and performed the incidental music with appropriate lightness and

brightness. The performance, which was under the direction of Mr Graham Price, will be repeated to-

night and to-morrow night.”




There is an advertisement for the show, on page eight of the same issue of the Herald.




George Fairfull-Smith, February 2021.