February 1910: Annual Meeting of the Ladies’ Auxiliary Association of the Glasgow Royal Samaritan Hospital for Women – Thanks to Miss Marjorie Gullan and Mr J. M. Barrie

An article on page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Saturday the 19th of February, 1910, informed readers about the meeting, which

was held in the Board Room of the hospital on Friday afternoon. Lady Stirling-Maxwell, the president, occupied the chair.


Miss A. C. Stewart Wright, the secretary, submitted the 24th annual report, and:


“The committee recorded their thanks to Miss Marjorie Gullan and the friends who assisted her in the successful production of

Mr J. M. Barrie’s play, ‘Quality Street,’ in the spring, and they also accorded thanks to Mr Barrie for a donation of £13 5s to the





George Fairfull-Smith, February 2021.