February 1920: Glasgow Society – “An Old-Time Play in an Ancient House” – the Provand’s Lordship Club – ‘The Apple Trees of St. Mungo’

An article on page 332 (page 40, in The British Newspaper Archive) of The Gentlewoman, on Saturday the 28th of

February, 1920, reads:




Members of the Glasgow Provand’s Lordship Club—literary, antiquarian and social in its aims—have the advantage of

one of the most historic houses in the city for the scene of their re-unions. The ancient house in the High Street formed

an ideal setting for the play which ran with notable success for six evenings and a matinee last week. Mrs. E. V. Crum,

author of ‘Jacqueline’ (produced with striking success by the Provand’s Lordship Club last year) had provided the members

with a new play from her pen, ‘The Apple Trees of St. Mungo,’ in which appear the figures of Queen Margaret, wife of James

IV of Scotland; the Duke of Albany, a former Lord of Provand’s, and other characters of the early sixteenth century. Mrs.

Crum herself took the part of the heroine, one ‘Peggy of the Misty Law’; and other members of a cast of remarkably

well-balanced excellence were Mr. and Mrs. Parry Gunn, Mr. Walter Crum and Miss Jocelyn Crum, Miss Glinda Graham

and Miss Hyacinth Chitty. Picturesque old-time costumes aided the spectacular effect of a play full of charm and human




The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2024.