February 1922: The Princess’s Pantomime – “Peter Wilkins”

An article on page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 21st of February, 1922, reads:




The lark has already been heard in song in the Glasgow

suburbs and the thrush has opened his spring season,

yet pantomime on the South Side still keeps our thoughts

back to the dark, short days of Christmastide. It is a tribute

to ‘Peter Wilkins’ that his doings on the boards of the

Princess’s Theatre should continue to interest despite the

lengthening day and the desire to put winter behind us. The

piece goes with a swing and a freshness that delight large

audiences nightly. The catchy songs and the infectious

comedy business that is so abundant throughtout the evening,

combined with the attractive staging, make up a thoroughly

enjoyable entertainment.”


The last week of the pantomime commenced on Monday the 3rd of April.