Hillhead Amateur Dramatic Society at the Queen’s Rooms, April 1881

From page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 14th of April, 1881:


“HILLHEAD AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY.- A very enjoyable theatrical entertainment was given last night by the members of the Hillhead Amateur Dramatic Society to a select company of their friends in the large hall of the Queen’s Rooms, which was almost quite filled. The pieces selected for presentation were the pleasing little comedy ‘A Pretty Piece of Business’ and ‘A Roland for an Oliver,’ both of which were produced in a manner in every way creditable to those engaged in the performance. From beginning to end they passed off with scarcely a hitch, the humour of the situations was as a rule cleverly caught up, and in one or two cases the characters were sustained with an ease and naturalness rarely exhibited by amateurs. The cordial plaudits of the audience testified to their hearty appreciation of the entertainment.”