January 1865: Miss Emma Stanley’s Entertainment at the Prince’s Theatre

An article on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 31st of January, 1865, reads:


MISS EMMA STANLEY’S ENTERTAINMENT. – A much larger audience than we are

accustomed on ordinary occasions to find in the Prince’s Theatre assembled last night,

when Miss Emma Stanley appeared for the first time before a Glasgow audience in her

entertainment entitled ‘The Seven Ages of Woman.’ This is one of those agreeable chamber

entertainments in which a succession of characters, each widely differing from the other,

are personated by the same individual. Miss Stanley gives to her sketches a certain progressive

relation, by selecting characters of strongly-marked individuality, as types of women to be met

with occasionally in one or other of ‘the seven ages’ which represent the principal life-stages of

woman from infancy down to old age. In all, Miss Stanley personates twenty-four different

characters, and gives proof in each of much ability as an actress and vocalist. Her entertainment

was very well received last night by an audience crowding the theatre in all parts.”



There is an advertisement for the show, on the front page of the same issue of the Herald.


The illustration below, is from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, August 16, 1856.