January 1900: Entertainment in Aid of the Soldiers’ Home

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 16th of January, 1900, reads:


“ENTERTAINMENT IN AID OF THE SOLDIERS’ HOME. – The entertainment which is to take


place, by permission of Messrs Howard & Wyndham, at the Theatre-Royal on Thursday next,


in aid of the Soldiers’ Home, Maryhill, promises to be one of the most successful of its kind which


has been held in Glasgow, and will, we trust, result in adding considerably to the funds of the institution.


All who are acquainted with the working of soldiers’ homes in garrison towns are well aware of the


good done for our soldiers, not alone for those quartered in particular garrisons, but for soldiers


passing through garrison towns on furlough or otherwise. Food at cost price, library, reading, and


recreation rooms, &c., are provided at a practically nominal cost, and married soldiers and their


families on furlough are also admitted. The Soldiers’ Home at Glasgow has recently been


considerably enlarged, and now consists of a very large hall, to be used as a concert or general


room for entertainments and social meetings; a drawing-room, where Miss Davidson and the other


ladies who so generously give their time to looking after the interests and welfare of our soldiers


are to be found when required. A comfortable bar is provided, where, of course, only non-intoxicating


drinks are supplied. The top floor consists of seven rooms, and 20 beds are reserved for unmarried


soldiers, while the first floor is reserved for married soldiers and their families. The additions to the


home have cost a considerable amount, and a sum of £1000 is required to pay off the debt on the


institution, and to assist in providing furnishings. To carry out this worthy object the entertainment


has been organised under the patronage of the Lord Provost and Magistrates of Glasgow, and is


under the direct auspices of General Chapman, C.B., Commanding the Scottish District; Colonel


Rawlins, Commanding 26th and 71st R.D.; and Colonel Courtenay and the officers of the 3d and 4th


Battalions Scottish Rifles, at present quartered at Maryhill. The programme will be sustained by the


leading artists now engaged in the city theatres.”



There is a large advertisement on the same page in The Glasgow Herald.