January 1901: Glasgow’s “The Players” at Kilbarchan – Miss Hildur Myrin in Two Roles

An article on page six of the Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette, on Saturday the 19th of January, 1901, reads:


“CONSERVATIVE CLUB ENTERTAINMENT. – On Saturday evening, under the auspices of the Conservative Club,

a dramatic and musical entertainment was given in the Club Hall by ‘The Players,’ Glasgow. There was a fairly large

attendance. The proceedings were opened with selections by ‘The Players’ orchestra, which numbered eight performers.

‘Man Proposes,’ a farcical comedy in one act by Mr. Sydney Grundy, was first submitted by the company. The part of

‘Captain Huntington’ was excellently pourtrayed by Mr. Jas. Todd, while the other characters, ‘Suzette’ and ‘Bell

Huntington,’ were cleverly acted by Miss Hildur Myrin and Miss Katherine Aitken. ‘Second Thoughts,’ a comedietta in

one act by Mr. C. C. Herbert, followed. Mr. Nelson, as ‘Sir Herbert Mervyn,’ appeared to great advantage. Miss Margaret

Davidson, as the ‘Hon. Helen Clivedon,’ and Miss Hildur Myrin, as ‘Mrs. MacSharon, performed their parts with much

acceptance. At intervals the orchestra added greatly to the enjoyment with selections of high-class music. The playing of

the ‘National Anthem’ by the orchestra brought an enjoyable entertainment to a close.”



The British Newspaper Archive.


George Fairfull-Smith, May 2023.