March 1903: Amateur Actors in the Athenaeum – “The Players” in ‘The Rogue’s Comedy’, by Mr Henry Arthur Jones, in Aid of the Glasgow Sick Poor and Private Nursing Association

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 13th of March, 1903, reads:


“AMATEUR ACTORS IN THE ATHENAEUM.—’The Players,’ one of the oldest combinations

of amateur actors in the city, gave their eleventh annual performance last night. The Athenaeum

Hall, as is usually the case when they appear, was well filled in every part. The object was to assist

the funds of the Glasgow Sick Poor and Private Nursing Association, and the audience included

not a few of the nursing sisterhood. Light comedy furnished the bill of fare, the piece being ‘The

Rogue’s Comedy,’ by Mr Henry Arthur Jones. In selecting it the members showed great judgment.

The plot is easily followed, and the various parts are well within their histrionic powers. Indeed, it

may be said that the account which they gave of them surprised even ‘The Players’ ‘ warmest

admirers. Mr Bailey Prothero was presented by Mr T. L. Jowitt, Mr A. J. Crerar was Mr George

Lambert; Mr H. W. Hanbury, Sir Thomas Dovegreen; Mr J. M. Barclay, Lord John Bucklow; Mr

Erskine H. Hutton, the Marquis of Bicester; and Mr Herbert Smith, Sir William Clarabut. Among

the ladies of the cast were Miss Nell Gilmour, who appeared as Mrs Sydenham, Miss Sally B. Millar

as Miss Prove, Miss Jessie H. Millar as Mrs Reffell, Miss Jean Aitken as Lady Dovegreen, Miss Jean

Davie as Nina, and Miss Lena Strauss as Miss Jenison Clarabut. During the evening selections of

music were excellently rendered by ‘The Players’ orchestra.”



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2021.