March 1925: War-Time Play in Glasgow – “Peter’s Mother”, at the Lyric Theatre, in Aid of the Glasgow and West of Scotland District of the League of Nations’ Union

An article on page nine of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 4th of March, 1925, reads:




In aid of the Glasgow and West of Scotland District of the League of Nations’ Union, Miss Christian

Menzies and a group of local amateur players will present ‘Peter’s Mother,’ Mrs Henry de la Pasture’s

war-time play, in the Lyric Theatre each evening this week and at a matinee performance on Saturday.

The enterprise received a very auspicious send-off at the opening performance last night. The play was

very satisfactorily staged indeed, and was received with every mark of appreciation by an audience which

was fairly good in point of numbers. Although the strained nerves and hectic emotions of the war period

are now little more than proud or painful memories, the production showed that a play which based its

appeal chiefly on their exploitation and expression can still hold an audience when it is well done. Miss

Menzies herself took the part of Peter’s mother (Peter being a youth who went to the war against his

father’s wishes), and she made the most of its numerous opportunities for tense emotional acting. Mr

Alex. McGregor was effective as the husband and father. Mr R. B. Wharrie’s presentation of the character

of a lawyer cousin and friend of the family was a delightfully smooth and efficient piece of work, and Mr

Edward C. McRoberts made an excellent study of the part of the family physician. Other less prominent

roles were also capably filled.”



George Fairfull-Smith, June 2021.