March 1931: An Editorial Diary – Jottings from Day to Day – “Visit of Pola Negri”

The Glasgow Herald’s ‘An Editorial Diary’ commented on page eight, on Tuesday the 10th of March, 1931:


Visit of Pola Negri


Pola Negri, the film actress, who recently made her debut on the London stage, is visiting Glasgow next week,

and will play the principal part in a one-act play, ‘Farewell to Love,’ at the Alhambra Theatre. The production

was well received at the London Coliseum. Miss Negri’s real name is Appolonia Chalupez. She was born at

Yanowa, in Poland. For some time she was a member of the Russian Imperial Ballet, before making a great

name for herself on the silent screen in ‘Carmen’ parts.”




According to official biographical sources, the actress was born Barbara Apolonia Chalupec, in Lipno, Congress of

Poland, in 1897. She died in Texas, in the U.S.A., in 1987. In her youth, she was accepted into Warsaw’s Imperial

Ballet Academy.



George Fairfull-Smith, April 2023.