May 1968: “Children’s Theatre Comes to Town” – Bertha Waddell’s Children’s Theatre, at Cumbernauld’s Mini-Arts Festival

Please note that the use of the word “gay” in the following text, refers to its original meaning: “light-hearted and carefree”*


An article on page nine of the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle (Cumbernauld News, in The British Newspaper

Archive) on Thursday the 9th of May, 1968, reads:


Children’s theatre comes to town


The first event in Cumbernauld’s mini-arts Festival takes place on Monday, when the Bertha Waddell

Children’s Theatre is staged in St. Mungo’s Church Hall at 7 p.m.


The unique company presents live theatre to young children in a way that they can appreciate and enjoy.


The programme of combined arts presented by this company of adult professional artists, consists of short plays, mimes,

ballads, dramatized folk songs and nursery rhymes. The vivid stylized properties and the gay costumes appeal to young eyes

as much as the tales and melodies.


The Civic Trust has written to 60 organisations informing them of the performance, which is on for one night only. Seating is

limited to 300 and unreserved tickets, priced 3/- for adults and 1/6 for children, are available from the Housing and Social

Development Office, Scan Bookshop and the Information Centre.”




The British Newspaper Archive.




George Fairfull-Smith, May 2024.