October 1828: Miss Foote in ‘Valeria! The Blind Orphan!’, at the Theatre Royal, Queen Street

The last night of Miss Foote’s engagement at the Theatre Royal, Queen Street, was held on Friday 24th of October. She performed the title-role in Valeria! The Blind Orphan, a new comedy, as performed in London. In her character, Miss Foote would introduce the favourite ballad, Oh no, we never mention him, accompanying herself on the harp.


Following Valeria, was the farce of The Weathercock, with an additional scene written expressly to introduce the actress as a Bavarian Broom Girl. In addition to the roles of Variella, and the Broom Girl, she played The Savoyard and the Quaker. In these characters, she introduced the popular songs: Far, far from me my Lover Flies; Buy a Broom, with the German verse and waltz; the Dashing White Serjeant; and the Dancing Masquerade Song.


The evening concluded with The Little Jockey, and she sang: Oh remember the Time – the celebrated Jockey Song – and Why Pretty Maiden Why, written and composed for her by W. Ball, Esq.



George Fairfull-Smith, January 2020.