October 1912: The Beltane Society – Three Plays at the Athenaeum Hall – “Mates”, “The Song of the Seal” and “The Scottish Emigrant”

An article on page thirteen of The Era, on Saturday the 2nd of November, 1912, reads:




The Beltane Society produced three plays at the Athenaeum Hall, Glasgow, on Friday, Oct. 25—’Mates,’ by

Mr. W. W. Gibson; ‘The Song of the Seal,’ by Mr. Graham Price; and ‘The Scottish Emigrant,’ by Miss Katherine

Mann. ‘Mates’ is a collier episode. A girl, on the eve of her marriage to a miner, haunted by a fear of impending

calamity, tries to induce him to abandon his dangerous calling, but the pit with all its hazards has too strong a

fascination for him, and the girl resigns herself to becoming a collier’s wife. Miss Eugenie Gray and Mr. Alex.

Brooke capably interpreted the simple emotions of the play. The scene of the second production is laid in the

Hebrides. It deals with the Celtic legends relating to the Dan-nan-Ror—the song of the seals—who lure mariners to

their doom. In this playlet Miss Polly White and Miss Millie Wilson acted effectively. ‘The Scottish Emigrant,’ by

reason of its homely humour, was the most popular piece of the evening. As Jock, the emigrant, Mr. Gunn was

thoroughly successful, and Miss Christian Menzies depicts the part of a brusque laundry maid naturally.”




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George Fairfull-Smith, June 2024.