Review of Miss Helen Kirk’s Performance as ‘Julia’, in “The Hunchback”, in the Queen’s Rooms, on Monday the 28th of January, 1867

A review on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 29th of January, 1867, reads:


“AMATEUR DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE. – A performance was given in the Queen’s Rooms,

last night, by the members of Mr Harcourt Beatty (Bland’s) dramatic class, in aid of the

Convalescent Fever Home, and a Sick Children’s Hospital. Interest greater than that generally

attached to the appearance of amateurs was excited by the announcement that Miss Helen Kirk,

favourably known in Glasgow as a vocalist, would sustain the arduous role of Julia in the play of

‘The Hunchback.’ Several weeks ago Miss Kirk essayed the same representation in the Theatre

Royal, Greenock, and her performance last night possessed all the merit, as well as all the defects,

which characterised it on that occasion. Miss Jane Vincent, as Helen, acted with admirable piquancy

and effect, and some of the other parts were well sustained. The performance altogether was creditable

to the amateurs, whose efforts were received with frequent applause. The hall was completely filled.”