September 1912: Review of Graham Moffat’s “A Scrape o’ the Pen”, on Broadway, with Agnes Bartholomew as ‘Lizzie Inglis’

A review from its American correspondent was published on page twenty-eight of The Stage, on Thursday the 10th of October, 1912.

Dated the 28th of September, and under the section heading “THE AMERICAN STAGE”, which commences on page twenty-seven,

it reads:




On Thursday evening ‘A Scrape o’ the Pen’ was presented at the Weber. Of course, you know all about the plot of this comedy, since

it is running now, at the Comedy, London, so there is no need for me to particularise. It is sufficient to say that it was well received

here, particularly the scene of the reading of the Bible, which appealed to the audience immensely, the more so since the public here

are not likely to see any tinge of irreverence in the turning of the sacred volume into ridicule. The acting prize, according to the Press,

went to Miss Agnes Bartholomew as Lizzie Inglis. It is difficult to determine as to whether it will achieve a long run; so much depends

upon the whim of the moment.”


The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, November 2022.