The Late Mr William Moffat, Professor of Elocution, December 1880

Notice of William Moffat’s death on the front page of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 14th of December, 1880. In the 1879-1880 Post Office Directory, Moffat is listed on page 370, as: “teacher of elocution, 276 Renfrew street, and Glasgow Mechanics’ Institution, 38 Bath street”. He died at 276 Renfrew Street, on the 12th.


An article on page four of the 14th’s Herald, reads:


“THE LATE MR WILLIAM MOFFAT. – A widespread feeling of regret will be caused in Glasgow and elsewhere

by the death on Sunday evening of Mr William Moffat, professor of elocution. He was well known throughout

the country as a public reader, while in this city he had a large connection as a teacher of his art. Coming to

Glasgow 18 years ago, he soon attained front rank in his profession, and has long held several appointments

in local institutions. He was also elocutionary tutor in the U. P. Theological Hall, Edinburgh, while among

theological students generally his services were in much repute. His public appearances were greatly enjoyed

by large audiences throughout the country, his selections and readings being marked by good taste and elevating

tone. At mission and Sabbath-school gatherings – especially those in connection with Elgin Place Congregational

Church (of which he was an esteemed member) – he was a frequent and welcome visitor, gladly giving his services

in aid of such work. In private he was a most unaffected, simple-hearted Christian man. Mr Moffat had been

complaining for some time, but was able to continue at his work till last Tuesday evening, when he appeared in

Ardrossan. Returning home much exhausted, he gradually sank, till somewhat suddenly, on Sunday evening, he

expired. He was in what might have been called the prime of life, and leaves a widow and large young family.”