Theatre and Circus Treats to Children, January 1883

From page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 29th of January, 1883:


“THEATRE AND CIRCUS TREATS TO CHILDREN.- On the invitation of the acting managers of Hengler’s Cirque, the Grand Theatre, and the Gaiety, above 1000 school children were present at the respective morning performances on Saturday. It is a noticeable fact that three-fourths of the little guests in the gallery of the circus were girls. It is further noteworthy that Sunday scholars, with their teachers, were in the ascendant at the pantomime. At Hengler’s there were 400 children in all, these being from the Day Industrial School, Green Street; the Rottenrow Day Industrial School, and Millar’s Charity School for Girls, George Street. Each school was accompanied by the full staff of its officials. To witness Mr Charles’s ‘Grand’ pantomime, 500 youths braved the pitiless downpour. These were from the City Parish Poorhouse, St Mungo’s R. C. School, Parson Street; St Luke’s Episcopal Sunday School, St Rollox U.P. Sunday School, and St Paul’s Parish Sunday School, High John Street. At the Gaiety there were over 100 boys and girls, who had come all the way from Merryflatts and Barnhill houses to attend the levees of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’


In addition to Beauty and the Beast at the Gaiety, and Robinson Crusoe at the Grand, Hengler’s featured acrobats, displays of horsemanship, and the “Charming Spectacle”, The Carnival on the Ice.